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The Vitality Spring Mission Statement

The Vitality Spring mission is to report the truth about what happens in Washington, D.C. concerning the Christian church, politics and the family. We stand on the Word of God and defend Godly principles against attack from all quarters. Vitality Spring promotes patriotic awareness of and involvement in the process of government. We understand that an informed and active electorate is the best defense against governmental abuse of power. We love the United States of America and advocate for the strong Christian family as one of the cornerstones of any great society.

For Every Christian the cross is the way home. Thanks for dropping by Vitality Spring. Christians are people filled with joy and the love of life regardless of our circumstances because we live by faith and not by sight. Our circumstances make little difference, our eyes are on the Lord. We love  Him and try to discover and demonstrate His character in our lives.God’s Love makes no distinction between those that are His and those that are not, it extends equally to all people . Our concern is that God’s Love alone is not enough to give eternal life. In the world, people devise myriad means of getting to God on their own terms. Christianity is different, it considers God’s Holy nature. God cannot be in the presence of sin. Sin then is by its’ very nature excluded from God’s presence. People must come to Him on His terms. Christianity is unique among all religions and philosophies of the world in that it provides an open doorway into the presence of God by virtue of God’s work alone, not ours. We show  the love of God so the world will see and understand the way into God’s presence. The standard for measurement is God Himself. No human can ever measure up to that. For anyone to come before Him, God must reach down and draw us to Himself. He did just that when Christ died on the cross, suspended between earth and heaven.The enemy of our souls, the master of deceit, wins every time he convinces someone that there is any other way to approach God. A person simply cannot be a Christian without a decision to make Jesus Christ
your Lord and Savior. Anyone who decides for Christ is already a Christian. It’s that decision that determines salvation and the ability to come before a Holy God. That choice opens or bars entry into God’s presence. Everyone makes the choice, even if it is by not choosing. No one is ever excluded except by their own free will.

God blessed humanity with the power to reason and free will to decide. We give you credit for the intelligence and capacity to make up your mind when given the facts. We work to let our readers know the truth about the Christian church, our constitutional republic form of government and the human relationship to both. Our goal is to counter false perceptions of Christians and conservatives so we can be properly engaged in our world. We want to bless others and magnify the Lord. We inform and engage our readers with the task of shielding the freedoms and blessings God gave this land and it’s people.If you have questions or topics you would like to see discussed, if you agree with our opinions or if you have a different position, let us know. We will be happy to talk about any issue with you and our readers. Come join our lively discussions on timely topics of interest and import to the future of our nation. Your participation is welcome. Your views are important to generate a free exchange of ideas that will serve to enrich us all. We’d love to hear from you so come by anytime and let us know what you think. Click on the Menu links to gain immediate access to the topics that interest you and get involved. Your opinions, questions or reactions can be included at the bottom of each article. See you inside.

Test Your Knowledge of Christianity

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Who wrote the Bible? *

1) men wrote the Bible
2) the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible through men
3) the Bible is a collection of tales and stories
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What was the sin that caused mankind to be separated from God? *

1) Murder
3) Disobedience
4)Don't know


What provision did God make for the remission of sin? *

1) If you do more good in your life than bad your sins will be cancelled.
2) If you work hard and stay out of trouble your sins will be cancelled.
3) The blood of Jesus covers the sins of anyone who acknowledges Him as lord and savior.
4) Don't know


Is original sin transmitted genetically? *

1) yes
2) no
3) don't know


What is the standard for judging sin? *

1) All actions are measured against the Holiness of God
2) All actions are measured against the human norm.
3) All actions are measured against a relative sliding scale of good and evil.
4) Don't know


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